Hello Othersiders! It's been almost a year since we last posted. Sorry about that... If you happen to be one of the hundred people who visit the site everyday, check out our Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date! Moving on... E3 starts tomorrow, and it's always a great time in the gaming world. Anything can happen. I would consider it almost magical. We won't be at E3 getting coverage, however, if we see anything cool, we'll try to let you know. As for the big three competitors (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo) My money is on either Sony or Nintendo to take the show. The Xbox One just isn't what I'm looking for in a Gaming console. However, I might just buy it so that I can switch between my PS4/Wii U to TV instantly. All jokes aside, I'm really looking forward to what they, as well as the rest of the developers on the show floor put forward. -Sam

We've had a lot of changes here lately. Whether it's the community, or the quality of our videos, the most notable would have to be our livestreams. I have to say myself, that they're pretty fun to put on. You get to play some games for entertainment, you get to talk with the community, and besides all the technical issues that have been popping up, it's a great experience. The technology is pretty cool itself. Yet again, it has a lot of issues, but still cool. Well Othersiders, hope you are having an awesome day. See ya!
Wow. Can you believe that between Me (Sam) Axe, and Raider, we've made 100 videos? Yeah I know! Crazy right? Anyways, we'd just like to make a few shoutouts to XpectGreatness, Screwattack.com, and RetrowareTV.com for the awesome support and viewers that have come to the channel, and even to the site! We really do love all of you Othersiders. Personally, we all think that you're all quite sexy ;) On another note, keep your eyes peeled for a few things. One is a new promo video. Axe did a great job on the last one, but he has promised that this one will be bigger and better. You should also keep on the lookout for a small giveaway on our facebook page from me personally. I've been winning a lot of free stuff lately, and I felt like sharing the love :) Anyways guys, thank you for all the support and encouragement! See you
Hey Othersiders! It's been awhile since we updated the Blog so no better time like the present - am I right? Anyway, a LOT has changed since the last blog. So here we go!

The OSG Minecraft server is now shutdown due to hosting issues keeping us from doing anything large scale. Expect that to come back in the future though!

RockstarTyler is no longer part of Otherside Gaming. This is mostly due to differences in visions and the overall collaboration issues. If you're still curious, you can refer to our "Goodbye Tyler" video in out Commentaries section. Otherwise we're kinda leaving it at that out of respect.

A few series have arrived while other have finished up. Check out our new Minecraft Snapshots, Games of our Childhood, and Team Fortress Friday shows! Also Axe has started to play Minecraft Adventure Maps so you can look forward to those!

Finally, the Otherside Community is growing!!! As of today, we've broken 250 subs and 16,000 views... 16 THOUSAND! All this would not be possible without the amazing community you are! So from the bottom of our hearts (cheesy right?), we want to thank you all for all the support you've given! This is just the beginning so look forward to much more to come in the future!
For all you Othersiders that play Minecraft, good news! Dragnerok has set up a small OSG Minecraft server! It's just a basic survival with PvP enabled! It should run from about 9:00AM-11:00PM PST so come check it out! Oh, and no whitelist! We'll love to see you there so see you on the otherside!
IP: dxlive.dyndns.org
Hey Othersiders! Have we got a load of new updates for you! First off, we've given our Website, Youtube home, and Facebook page many visual and informational updates, if you haven't noticed yet. On a larger note, we have a lot of new series that we're going to be throwing your way here! First off, we plan to start a news series where we'll all discuss major gaming news, articles that interested each of us, and updates at OSG. Sam is continuing his Respect Your Elders and Quicky series that you can find on our Youtube, as well as our own site in the Shows tab! Axe is starting a few new series like Objective Effectiveness (TF2 Tips/Strategies), Skyrim Mod showcases, and Into The Warzone (War Inc. Battlezone gameplay similar to a Road to Commander style)! Raider has been pumping out Call Of Duty gameplay as well as plans for a Let's Play on Batman Arkham City! Finally, Tyler has started a new series called Under The Radar where he covers cheap, addictive game that aren't well known! All and all, we have a tidal wave of improved content coming you way! Any help you guys give us is enormously appreciated and we thank you for the support you all have already given. See you on the Otherside!
Well, as you can see, we added a blog to the site! So now you can read about what we're up to and all of that good stuff. We're still trying to build a community, but we've got a lot of great content coming. Raider has been posting a lot of commentary videos lately, Sam has been working on his newest Respect Your Elders episode, and Axe is hard at work on some Team Fortress 2 commentary. Remember, if you want to get a hold of us, just go to the contact tab. All of our info is there. See you guys on the otherside...