Wow. Can you believe that between Me (Sam) Axe, and Raider, we've made 100 videos? Yeah I know! Crazy right? Anyways, we'd just like to make a few shoutouts to XpectGreatness,, and for the awesome support and viewers that have come to the channel, and even to the site! We really do love all of you Othersiders. Personally, we all think that you're all quite sexy ;) On another note, keep your eyes peeled for a few things. One is a new promo video. Axe did a great job on the last one, but he has promised that this one will be bigger and better. You should also keep on the lookout for a small giveaway on our facebook page from me personally. I've been winning a lot of free stuff lately, and I felt like sharing the love :) Anyways guys, thank you for all the support and encouragement! See you

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