Hey Othersiders! It's been awhile since we updated the Blog so no better time like the present - am I right? Anyway, a LOT has changed since the last blog. So here we go!

The OSG Minecraft server is now shutdown due to hosting issues keeping us from doing anything large scale. Expect that to come back in the future though!

RockstarTyler is no longer part of Otherside Gaming. This is mostly due to differences in visions and the overall collaboration issues. If you're still curious, you can refer to our "Goodbye Tyler" video in out Commentaries section. Otherwise we're kinda leaving it at that out of respect.

A few series have arrived while other have finished up. Check out our new Minecraft Snapshots, Games of our Childhood, and Team Fortress Friday shows! Also Axe has started to play Minecraft Adventure Maps so you can look forward to those!

Finally, the Otherside Community is growing!!! As of today, we've broken 250 subs and 16,000 views... 16 THOUSAND! All this would not be possible without the amazing community you are! So from the bottom of our hearts (cheesy right?), we want to thank you all for all the support you've given! This is just the beginning so look forward to much more to come in the future!

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