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Hey Othersiders! Have we got a load of new updates for you! First off, we've given our Website, Youtube home, and Facebook page many visual and informational updates, if you haven't noticed yet. On a larger note, we have a lot of new series that we're going to be throwing your way here! First off, we plan to start a news series where we'll all discuss major gaming news, articles that interested each of us, and updates at OSG. Sam is continuing his Respect Your Elders and Quicky series that you can find on our Youtube, as well as our own site in the Shows tab! Axe is starting a few new series like Objective Effectiveness (TF2 Tips/Strategies), Skyrim Mod showcases, and Into The Warzone (War Inc. Battlezone gameplay similar to a Road to Commander style)! Raider has been pumping out Call Of Duty gameplay as well as plans for a Let's Play on Batman Arkham City! Finally, Tyler has started a new series called Under The Radar where he covers cheap, addictive game that aren't well known! All and all, we have a tidal wave of improved content coming you way! Any help you guys give us is enormously appreciated and we thank you for the support you all have already given. See you on the Otherside!

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